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Wunderware is the end-to-end solution for retailers to become fully autonomous at once. Tap into the most innovative technology on the market, while doing what you love and do best: making your customers happy.


Plug and Play

Next Level Customer Experience

New Business Opportunities

Why Wunderware

End-to-end solution

From one centralised hub we are providing you with: hardware (unmanned POS shop technology), software (ERP, apps & tools, data management), support and dashboarding as a service license model.

Plug and play

Just simply plug and play your existing infrastructure to our centralised hub of intelligent automation elements which are all connected and working together seamlessly. Start tomorrow, anywhere in the world.

Next level customer experience

By letting our technology work for you, you will have plenty of time to do what is really important: creating that unique high-quality experience only humans can.

New business opportunities

Re-imagine your business when being fully autonomous and having advanced omnichannel presence. Wunderware unlocks new opportunities and market approaches, in which best of both offline and online come together.


Wundermart and Wunderware partner with AiFi

Wundermart will implement AiFi’s computer vision technology into existing stores throughout Europe… more

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